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Montessori Childcare

2-5 yr olds

Encompassing the Montessori ethos of following the child, guiding them towards their own natural path of development and full potential. Montessori facilitates holistic development of the whole child, fostering a love of learning, independence and high self esteem.

Your child's day will comprise a combination of periods of guided free choice with the Montessori materials,  outdoor exploration in my garden and at a small local park, nature walks and activities like baking, arts and crafts, gardening and movement with music. 

Flexible Options for Care

Full and Part Time

For parents requiring all day help I am able to offer care from 8 a.m. until 5,30 p.m. This can include a combination of meal times and sleep where necessary. I can also accommodate parents wanting a morning or afternoon preschool hours session or a full preschool hours day from 9 a.m. -3 p.m.

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Maximum of Six Children

Allowing Individual Attention for every Child

In a traditional preschool setting quieter children can be overlooked and gifted children are under stimulated, often their boredom leads to disruptive behaviour. My approach and Montessori teaching focuses on giving each child individualised care and guidance based on their needs and wants.

Small numbers and the home environment allow children to feel secure, relaxed and less intimidated than some children may feel going into a large environment with 25 other children. 

Fully Equipped Montessori Setting

Carefully Prepared Environment

One very important aspect of the Montessori method is the prepared environment, carefully planned by the adult within it to meet the changing needs of each child.  My setting is equipped with Montessori materials covering all of the Montessori curriculum areas of Practical life, Sensorial, Literacy, Maths and Culture. This is complemented by some well selected traditional construction, small world and home role play toys.  Arts and craft play a big role, with a range of mediums to choose from for little hands to experiment and express themselves. We have a cosy book corner where little readers can park themselves for as long as they wish.

Based in the beautiful village of Bovingdon, my setting is within easy walking distance of a library and a park and is perfectly located for nature walks. My garden offers the opportunity for much outdoor play and exploration, it is the perfect extension of the indoor learning environment.

For more information on my location and it's surrounds please have a look at the following: or 

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